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Communicating Heavy Industries Mining, Energy, Heavy Industries

Engineered Communications

Public Relations for Natural Resources, Mining & Energy

From a full-fledged mining public relations strategy to communicating science clearly, we leverage in-depth mining industry knowledge to clarify complexity, capture imaginations, and shift mindsets.

We focus on heavy industry wide stakeholders landscape, bridging the gaps and mitigating risks. Lack of knowledge leads to missunderstandings and fears. Demistification of science and industry products with advocacy campaign focused on influencers and focus groups, multiplied with sustainable communications, develops bridges and removes negative perceptions. 

We communicate complicated science so that it is easily understood by community members, stakeholders groups and the general public. We facilitate media coverage from industry outlets. 

Science Communication & Design

Communicating science clearly so non-technical people can understand helps to make informed decisions. Whether it’s a permit application, an environmental assessment, or an operational concern that you need to communicate with community members or government officials, we take complex engineering, hydrology, geology, geophysics, archeology chemistry, or wildlife and fisheries studies and make the information easily understandable for non-scientists.

  • We simplify complex science through simple language, graphics, and video
  • We explain environmental management plans to build trust to generate acceptance
  • We help organizations explain the science supporting permit applications
  • We work with organizations to improve the population’s beliefs about their science

We understand Renewable, Clean Energy, and what it can do.

We help the media understand it too.

Telling the story of the clean-tech sector is more than a job.It’s a mission. The world needs to sit up and take notice of what new technologies are making possible. Without garnering attention — and support — for these innovations, the opportunities they represent could die on the vine.

These aren’t just business opportunities. They have real repercussions on future human survival.

As PR practitioners, we are proud to have developed an expertise in representing these companies. Through our ability to synthesize science, and distill detail, we are uniquely well-positioned to help these companies carve out their niche.

Renewable, clean energy companies are, literally, changing the world.

So why aren’t we hearing more about it In today’s media environment, only the clearest signals can cut through the noise. This puts scientific advances at disadvantage. Their complexity keeps them from the spotlight.

We know how to bring clarity to the science of renewable, clean energy.

We know how to bring its impact into focus.


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