Serbia trade relations with UAE, Quatar and KSA

Serbia’s relations with the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, and Saudi Arabia (KSA) have been marked by increased cooperation and investment in recent years. These relationships have been bolstered by mutual economic interests, resulting in various partnerships and projects. The UAE, for instance, has invested in numerous sectors in Serbia, including agriculture, defense, and infrastructure. Similarly, Qatar and KSA have also shown interest in investing in Serbia’s economy, with a focus on sectors like tourism, energy, and technology. These collaborations are part of Serbia’s broader strategy to strengthen ties with Middle Eastern countries, enhancing its global economic and diplomatic reach.

Major investors from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia in Serbia include the Emirates-based Etihad Airways, which had a significant partnership with Serbia’s national airline, Air Serbia. The UAE also invested in agricultural projects and real estate development in Serbia, notably in Belgrade’s waterfront revitalization. Saudi Arabian investments are primarily focused on energy and infrastructure, while Qatari investments include tourism and real estate. These investments reflect a growing economic relationship between Serbia and these Middle Eastern countries, diversifying Serbia’s economic partnerships globally.

Serbia is attractive to countries like the UAE, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia due to several factors. Firstly, Serbia’s strategic location in Southeast Europe makes it a gateway to both European and Balkan markets. Additionally, Serbia offers a favorable investment climate with various incentives, including tax reliefs and free trade agreements with key markets. The country also has a skilled yet cost-effective labor force, which is appealing for foreign investors. Furthermore, Serbia’s political stability and efforts to align with EU standards enhance its attractiveness as a reliable investment destination. 

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