Serbian Delta Holding company and its impacts on Serbian economy 

Delta Holding, a prominent Serbian conglomerate, has had a significant impact on the Serbian economy in recent years. In 2021, Delta Holding reported a substantial increase in revenues of 618.8 million euros, a 22.3 percent rise compared to the previous year. Their operating profit before tax (EBITDA) for the same year was 63.03 million euros, which was 28.8 percent higher than in 2020. This growth marked 2021 as the most successful year for Delta since 2011, when the company shifted its business focus. Moreover, Delta Holding contributed significantly to the Serbian budget, paying 126.7 million euros in taxes and duties. 

Delta Holding’s commitment to environmental and social governance (ESG) has been a key part of their business strategy. Their green construction initiatives are evident in projects like Delta House, which features a LEED Gold certificate, the use of recycled materials, efficient energy use, and waste management systems. The company’s future projects, including the Sava Centre reconstruction, adhere to high environmental standards and aim for BREEAM certification. Delta Holding’s dedication to sustainability extends to renewable energy, with plans to source at least 60% of their energy from renewables by 2030. They have already installed solar power plants at various locations, including their office building and a hotel in Ljubljana. 

In terms of future growth, Delta Holding is optimistic, with an expectation of a 24% profit increase driven by cost optimization and business restructuring. Their diverse interests in insurance, agriculture, and property development contribute to this growth forecast. The company is also focusing on e-commerce with the Pineapple platform, technological investments, and philanthropic projects like the “Our Village” initiative to support Serbian rural communities. 

Additionally, Delta Holding has reported a 6.5% increase in first-half revenue, driven by its insurance, retail, and agribusiness divisions. This growth reflects the company’s diverse business structure and its significant role as Serbia’s largest private-sector employer. 

Delta Holding’s activities, including their financial success, commitment to sustainable practices, and involvement in various sectors, indicate a notable impact on the Serbian economy, both in terms of financial contributions and as a model for sustainable and diversified business practices. 

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